Perth, Australia, 1972.


2001 MFA, Hunter College, City University of New York, USA.
1995 BA (Hons), Art, Curtin University, Perth, Australia.
1990 Diploma of Arts (Art & Design), CSA (TAFE), Perth, Australia.

Solo Exhibitions:

2011 Pinched Rectangles, Peloton, Sydney, Australia.
2009 Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2009 Flat-Pack / Axe-Cut / Exterior, White Street Project, Frankston, Australia.
2008 SNO 41, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia.
2007 TCB, Melbourne, Australia.
2006 World Records, SNO 18, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia.
2006 "Untitled 1999-2006", Austral Avenue, Melbourne, Australia.
2000 Parlour Projects, Brooklyn, NY.
1999 New Carpet Panels, Goddard de Fiddes Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.
1998 CBD Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
1997 Unit/System, Goddard de Fiddes Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2015 Annual Group, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia.
2014 30/30 IAP (curated by Melanie E Khava & Tilman), Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia.
2013 Collection 4 (curated by Adrian Clement), Articulate, Sydney, Australia.
2013 Annual Group, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia.
2012-13 SNO at the Australia Council, Australia Council Foyer, Sydney, Australia. 
2011 Bathurst Art Fair, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst, Australia.
2011 My Australia (curated by Shiau-Peng Chen & Meng-shu You), Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei,
2011 Remix (curated by Jenepher Duncan), Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth, Australia. 
2011 Non-Objective Group Show, Factory 49, Sydney, Australia.
2010 Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Waterside Pavilion, Hobart, Australia.
2010 5 Years, 50 Shows, 500 Artists, SNO 57, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia.
2010 In Temperance: Pop Up Gallery, (curated by Mark Titmarsh), Temperance Lane, Sydney, Australia.
2009 Fundraiser, SNO 50, Sydney Non Objective, Sydney, Australia.
2009 De Architectura II (curated by Kirsten Rann), MARS Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2009 Rashomon, Le Petit Port/PP44, Leiden, The Netherlands.
2009 Drawing Folio (curated by Justin Andrews and John Nixon), Block Projects, Melbourne, Australia.
2009 Sneak Peek 2009, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2009 Pour Faire Simple, ParisCONCRET, Paris, France.
2009 CarriageARTworks, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia.
2008 De Architectura (curated by Kirsten Rann), Level 17 Artspace, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.
2008 Assemblage No. 1 (curated by Billy Gruner and Jan Maarten Voskuil), Le Petit Port, Leiden, The Netherlands.
2008 Subset (Conical Gets Shanghai'd) (organised by Tilman/CCNOA), Conical, Melbourne, Australia.
2008 My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble (organised by Tilman/CCNOA), SCA Gallery, Sydney, Australia.
2008 Under the Surface (curated by Jan Maarten Voskuil), RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden, The Netherlands.
2008 NEW08, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia.
2007-08 Australia - Contemporary Non-Objective Art (curated by Christoph Dahlhausen), Raum 2810 & GKG, Bonn; Museum Kultuspeicher, Würzburg; Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrück, Germany.
2007 The Promise of Freshenss (with Dan Levenson), Dudespace, Melbourne & Peloton, Sydney, Australia.
2006 Examples (curated by Giles Ryder), Peloton, Sydney, Australia.
2003 Wonderland (curated by Ben Waters), Spectrum Project Space, Perth, Australia.
2003 Daniel Argyle, Marco Fusinato, Anne-Marie May, Trevor Richards, Jurek Wybraniec, Constanze Zikos (curated by John Nixon), Goddard de Fiddes: Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.
2002 Material Colour, Goddard de Fiddes: Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.
2001-02 XXI, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Hunter College Art Galleries, New York, NY.
2001 Constructed Colour 1, 2 & 3 (curated by Kyle Jenkins), Newspace, Sydney; Penthouse and Pavement, Melbourne; Artspace, Sydney, Australia.
2000 Looking At. Not Through (curated by Dean Daderko), Vox Populi, Philadelphia, USA.
1999 West Coast Geometric Abstraction, Goddard de Fiddes: Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.
1997 A Further Possibility, Goddard de Fiddes: Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.
1997 Mine Own Executioner (curated by Michele Theunissen), Mundaring Arts Centre, Perth, Australia.
1996 Fluid, Goddard de Fiddes: Contemporary Art, Perth, Australia.
1996 Art, Medicine and the Body, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia.
1995 Healthway National Graduate Show, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia.
1995 Sensible (Honours, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters students), Curtin University, Perth, Australia
1994 Damn Fine Art, Curtin University Degree Show, Old Boans Warehouse, Perth, Australia.


Various private

Awards and Grants:

1999 Marten Bequest Travelling Art Scholarship, category: Painting, Sydney, Australia.
1995 Hewitt’s Art Bookshop Prize, Hons. Visual Culture, Curtin University, Perth, Australia.
1993 Achievement Award, 3rd year Painting, Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

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